Harness Overview – Nohr (Fire Emblem)

Overview Basis for this will be armour worn by Prince Leo. This is because armour of everybody's favourite Tomato Prince does not appear to be extensively customized (unlike other siblings), and full-body image is harder to find for a typical Nohrian knight. Nature of combat Combat in Fire Emblem Fates has significant close-combat as well... Continue Reading →

Harness Overview – 15th Century Gothic Armour

Nature of combat Gothic armour developed in 15th century. At this time, warfare was in fact highly complex, professional (with few exceptions) and varied. As such, soldiers had to cope with a significant variety of threats. Especially mounted knights and men-at-arms – the only ones to use full Gothic armour (though infantry wore half-plate) –... Continue Reading →

Harness Overview – Basic Principles

Contents overview Basic principles and philosophy of protectionArmour and societyNature of warfareWeapons, shields and armour interactionTerminology Philosophy of protection Armour is supposed to protect the wearer. This protection however can never be absolute, and its extent varies depending on technology, available materials, threats faced, climate and so on. Thus, priorities are necessary. This list of... Continue Reading →

Army of John Hunyadi and Matthias Corvinus

Become a Patron! Recruitment and organization John Hunyadi Both Hunyadis utilized army which was a combination of mercenaries and feudal banderia (banners – Exercitus Banderialis). Occassionally the army would be supplemented by Exercitus Generalis – a general call to arms, which would basically mean everyone capable of bearing arms. This Exercitus Generalis may be the... Continue Reading →

Campaigns of Matthias Corvinus

Become a Patron! After death of John Hunyadi, his enemies decided to use the opportunity. Ulrich of Celje saw an opportunity to become the most influential magnate of the kingdom, while vain and small-minded king Ladislaus saw disappearance of a moral vertical which overshadowed him. To Vienna arrived German crusaders, including Teutonic knights which had... Continue Reading →

Campaigns of John Hunyadi

Introduction Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia had provided a continuous defense of Western Europe against Ottoman expansion from Battle of Nicopolis in 1396. until Battle of Mohacs in 1526. During this time, external assistance was received only infrequently. With Franco-Burgundian military incompetence causing a disaster at Nicopolis, and Western Europe busy with its own matters,... Continue Reading →

Population of Westeros

Army size As noted in my "Military Organization of Seven Kingdoms" post, "at Agincourt in 1415., English field 6 000 – 9 000 trops, while the French field 14 000 – 15 000 professional soldiers and some 10 000 armed servants (so cca 25 000). French defeat was enough to cripple military capability of France,... Continue Reading →

Heavy Cavalry vs Infantry: Impact of Cavalry Charge

Become a Patron! Introduction Heavy cavalry appeared in Western Europe after 6th century campaigns of Belisarius, when Roman cataphractii made major impression on western barbarians. Before that, it was only really used in the East: Persians had founded cataphracts after conflicts with Greeks. Before that, they only used light cavalry (archers and javelinmen). On Greek... Continue Reading →

How Powerful Was Ar-Pharazon’s Numenor?

Population growth Maximum theoretical population This is the maximum population that island of Numenor could support with its resources. Land area of Numenor is some 167 961 square miles, or 435 017 square kilometers. France in 1345 – the medieval height of its population – had 20 million people, with area of maybe 550 000... Continue Reading →

Military Organization of Rohan

Organization Riders of Rohan are organized into eoreds, and are professional soldiers: "had no precisely fixed number, but in Rohan it was only applied to Riders, fully trained for war: men serving for a term, or in some cases permanently, in the King's Host. Any considerable body of such men, riding as a unit in... Continue Reading →

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