Fantasy Armed – Weapons for Dwarves

Inspired by Shadiversity's video series. Physical characteristics Dwarves are generally very short but very stout, being usually the same strength as – or stronger than – humans while being much shorter (or not that much shorter – Tolkien's dwarves are between four and five feet tall, so on average a foot shorter than humans). What... Continue Reading →

Race and species – terminological confusion in fantasy

In fantasy and sci-fi, there is a lot of talk about "races". In Lord of the Rings, there are humans, elves, dwarves, orcs. In Star Trek, there are humans, Klingons, Andorians, Vulcans. In Star Wars, there are humans, . In Warhammer, there are humans, orcs / orks, elves / Eldar and so on. In Inheritance... Continue Reading →

Multiculturalism in Fantasy

Introduction Much of modern fantasy often shows various degrees of multiculturalism and, particularly, multiracialism. In Elder Scrolls, various human races and species of intelligent humanoid beings mix and coexist together. There are different reasons behind it. In role-playing PC games, it allows players to customize characters as they like. In books and movies, it is... Continue Reading →

Population of Westeros

Army size As noted in my "Military Organization of Seven Kingdoms" post, "at Agincourt in 1415., English field 6 000 – 9 000 trops, while the French field 14 000 – 15 000 professional soldiers and some 10 000 armed servants (so cca 25 000). French defeat was enough to cripple military capability of France,... Continue Reading →

Worldbuilding problems – Westeros

POPULATION DENSITY Technology depends a lot on population density. Without enough people, there will not be enough concentration of resources for certain societal and thus technological developments. And in Westeros, that is a problem. Seven Kingdoms have 40 million people at maybe 3 600 000 square miles. If North is removed, that is some 1,2... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Fortifications — Part 1: Strategy

Fantasy Fortifications — Part 1: StrategyThis article is part 1 of a series on Fantasy Fortifications by Toni Šušnjar Fortifications are one of major parts of fantasy fiction, especially high fantasy. But they are also oh-so-often wrong, even though many basic details are typically right due to prevalence of models to build on. A common mistake... Continue Reading →

Problem of guns in medieval fantasy

I had spent time thinking about whether to introduce gunpowder weapons to my otherwise-technologically-Renaissance setting or not. This article is result of that thinking. End result is: better not, unless you have a very good way of preventing any further developments of gunpowder-based weaponry

Worldbuilding programs

This is a list of programs that can be useful for worldbuilders. Castle Creator Link, Link2 Map makers Map CreatorMedieval Fantasy City GeneratorFantasy Map GeneratorWonderdraftFractal MapperMap ForgeYe Olde Map Maker In addition, GIMP can be modified with brushes that will allow making maps with ye olde feel.

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