Fantasy Armed – Weapons for Elves

Physical characteristics Elves are often portrayed as tall and lanky, and either weaker than or of similar strength to humans but with usually much slimmer build. I will thus assume that they are graceful and gracile, but weaker than humans, as having them have same strength as humans would not provide much material for discussion.... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Armed – Weapons for Dwarves

Inspired by Shadiversity's video series. Physical characteristics Dwarves are generally very short but very stout, being usually the same strength as – or stronger than – humans while being much shorter (or not that much shorter – Tolkien's dwarves are between four and five feet tall, so on average a foot shorter than humans). What... Continue Reading →

Harness Overview – Nohr (Fire Emblem)

Overview Basis for this will be armour worn by Prince Leo. This is because armour of everybody's favourite Tomato Prince does not appear to be extensively customized (unlike other siblings), and full-body image is harder to find for a typical Nohrian knight. Nature of combat Combat in Fire Emblem Fates has significant close-combat as well... Continue Reading →

Harness Overview – 15th Century Gothic Armour

Nature of combat Gothic armour developed in 15th century. At this time, warfare was in fact highly complex, professional (with few exceptions) and varied. As such, soldiers had to cope with a significant variety of threats. Especially mounted knights and men-at-arms – the only ones to use full Gothic armour (though infantry wore half-plate) –... Continue Reading →

Harness Overview – Basic Principles

Contents overview Basic principles and philosophy of protectionArmour and societyNature of warfareWeapons, shields and armour interactionTerminology Philosophy of protection Armour is supposed to protect the wearer. This protection however can never be absolute, and its extent varies depending on technology, available materials, threats faced, climate and so on. Thus, priorities are necessary. This list of... Continue Reading →

Weapons and Armour Interaction

Weapons and armour historically interact in rather consistent ways. But fantasy often completely ignores this. It should be noted however that it is usually armour development – itself a result of development in metallurgy – that forces emphasis on a certain type of weapons; weapon development rarely drives armour development up until the appearance of... Continue Reading →

War at Sea – Northern Cog

Overview After Roman hull-first construction techniques were abandoned and replaced with ribs-first construction, battering ram became useless as a weapon. As a result, naval action came to depend on missile exchange and boarding – only introduction of cannon saved galley as a ship of war in the Mediterranean (see "Galley vs sailing ship" post). In... Continue Reading →

Problem of guns in medieval fantasy

I had spent time thinking about whether to introduce gunpowder weapons to my otherwise-technologically-Renaissance setting or not. This article is result of that thinking. End result is: better not, unless you have a very good way of preventing any further developments of gunpowder-based weaponry

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