Race and species – terminological confusion in fantasy

In fantasy and sci-fi, there is a lot of talk about "races". In Lord of the Rings, there are humans, elves, dwarves, orcs. In Star Trek, there are humans, Klingons, Andorians, Vulcans. In Star Wars, there are humans, . In Warhammer, there are humans, orcs / orks, elves / Eldar and so on. In Inheritance... Continue Reading →

Proof that Westerosi armies are professionals

Note on terminology: by "professional" here I mean "people whose job is fighting". It does not mean that it is necessarily their only job or that they are under arms 365/y, but rather, that they are trained and organized military force. Example of part-time professionals would be US Army Reserve or US National Guard for... Continue Reading →

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Tactical Overview: Golden Company

Introduction This will be similar to my previous overview of Unsullied. Tactics and Organization Golden Company was formed of Westerosi exiles, defeated remnants of Blackfyre Rebellion. Because of this, they utilize many of Westerosi tactics and approaches. First impression made is that of their camp: "compact, orderly and defensible", with defences consisting of a deep... Continue Reading →

Argument for Monarchy

This started from posts by Libertus, but with expansion and commentary. Tyrannical nature of democracy Democracy is a self-destructive political system for several reasons. Democracy formalizes political competition between interest groups, which leads to deep divisions within the society. It also produces artificial divisions, as politicians seek to gain votes at the expense of one... Continue Reading →

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Tactical Overview: Dothraki

Viserys promises that 10 000 Dothraki screamers are enough to "sweep the Seven Kingdoms". But Free Cities do not really fear Dothraki; they are rather confident in their walls. Dothraki use short stirrups, which is enough to show that they are meant to be horse archers. However, if so, then they are the most useless... Continue Reading →

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