Military of Westeros 4 – Conclusions and Implications

Conclusions Evidence supports both views – that of a professional or semi-professional militaries, and that of an untrained rabble. But overall weight of evidence supports the view of semi-professional militaries, albeit with no organized system of strategic or tactical training for commanders. Logistical and military engineering capabilities are also limited compared to Roman and Byzantine... Continue Reading →

Military of Westeros 3 – Weapons and Equipment

Equipment Armour Knights have surcoats over armour. George Martin has stated that armour tends to later styles as one goes south – North uses mostly mail, while Lannister troops use plate armour. Ned Stark's guards wear steel caps and shirts of mail, but Jory – captain of the guards – wore plate armour. One Stark... Continue Reading →

Military of Westeros 2 – Tactics

Tactics General Despite advanced armour, archers are still significant force. In AGoT it is stated that "two hundred determined archers can hold the Neck against an army". While a lot of that is due to local geography, fact that archers are so effective may indicate that most troops do not have high-quality armour. This is... Continue Reading →

Weapons and Armour Interaction

Weapons and armour historically interact in rather consistent ways. But fantasy often completely ignores this. It should be noted however that it is usually armour development – itself a result of development in metallurgy – that forces emphasis on a certain type of weapons; weapon development rarely drives armour development up until the appearance of... Continue Reading →

Issue of Slaver’s Bay

Daenerys gives herself the mission to civilize the Slaver's Bay. But Martin shows at least somewhat correctly what happens when different groups, different cultures, meet: strife, conflict and bloodshed. Good intentions are not enough; in fact, idealism often makes the situation worse because it leads to inability to account for reality. And in her mission,... Continue Reading →

Correcting Reconstruction of Diocletian’s Palace

There are several things wrong with the reconstruction seen above. First, the location. Palace could not have been that close to the sea – under such conditions, sea will have broken against the foundations of the seaside wall, causing the entire southern wall of the palace, and both towers, to eventually collapse. Romans will have... Continue Reading →

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