Western and Eastern dragons – mythology, similarities and differences

(repost from my old tumblr blog) Introduction First thing that has to be considered here is that image of dragons evolved through time. Much like Chinese dragons, Western dragons in Antiquity were seen as benevolent creatures. They were protectors of fertility, crops, and were generally associated with the element of earth, whereas eastern dragons are... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Fortifications Part 2: Technology and Materials

This article is part 2 of a series on Fantasy Fortifications by Toni Šušnjar. This section, being technical, depends a lot on the nature of the fantasy in question. Is it low or high fantasy? How widespread is magic? Are there any fantastical/magical materials present? Can magic be used to reinforce buildings. Good examples of magical-yet-not-obviously-so fortifications... Continue Reading →

Worldbuilding problems – Westeros

POPULATION DENSITY Technology depends a lot on population density. Without enough people, there will not be enough concentration of resources for certain societal and thus technological developments. And in Westeros, that is a problem. Seven Kingdoms have 40 million people at maybe 3 600 000 square miles. If North is removed, that is some 1,2... Continue Reading →

Navy in Middle-Earth

Introduction Despite not featuring prominently, navy and naval operations play a significant role in Tolkien's Middle Earth. In the First Age, elves of Feanor come to Middle Earth from Valinor across the sea; their kinsmen, who had been forced to use the land route, suffer terribly. In the last battle of the Age, host of... Continue Reading →

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