New Acquisitions: How It Wasn’t: Game of Thrones and the Middle Ages, Part I

A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry

The following post is the first part of a three part series where we look at the question “how medieval is Game of Thrones?” and – if not the European Middle Ages – what period of history does it most draw from? In each part, we will draw on a different historical framework: first military, then social and finally political history.

Part I, which you are reading now, will deal with this from the perspective of the structure of war and conflict. Part II, linked here, will instead pose this question from a social history perspective, looking at cultural and religious norms along with questions of gender and family structure. Finally, Part III, linked here, will look at political structures and norms (and also have the conclusion).

But first, I want to answer a question: Why am I bothering? Isn’t this all a bunch of useless nitpicking?…

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Denethoring the Lannisters

(Originally posted at Forum of Ice and Fire) In war between Gondor and Mordor we see (in the books, not so much the movies) outright Byzantine layered defense-in-depth strategy. Now, the entire point of defense-in-depth is our old friend friction. As Clausewitz explains, anything we do encounters friction, that is things which make achieving our goals... Continue Reading →

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